Congratulations, here you will find out all about the World Best Top Photographer Association's history, goals, activities and achievements.

Support yourself by supporting each other

As you may have experienced, it's not so easy for many aspiring artists to open doors and get attention for your creative work.
Time after time throughout history those obstacles have been overcome by combining forces - just think of groups like COBRA or MAGNUM. With this perspective in mind, Rinus Bakker, the founder of this remarkable group of artists, has put together this association to allow highly autonomous artists to work together on their own promotion. This collaboration has resulted in a considerable number of successes for those artists.

Our promotional work on social media

Already in 2012, before the WBTPA was formed at the beginning of 2013, the people behind WBTPA had created a large and effective photo-sharing community on Google+ called HQSP, which at that time was not confined to photography alone. Many social media initiatives followed, were expanded, turned into well-oiled promotion machines and ultimately handed over to a suitable new owner for further development and continuation, which has resulted in a huge stage for photographers on Google+.
Now you can share your work with all these wonderful communities:
- HQSP (Anja Wessels and her team).
- the region oriented Global and National Photo Mania pages (Chandro Ji and his team).
- the subject oriented BTP Pro project pages (Nancy Dempsey and her team).
- the WBTPA's Photo Community (Christine Valin).
- and last but not least the BTP Daily Highlight, BTP Editor's Choice and Top Photo (BTP) pages (Marina Versaci and her team).
Needless to say Google+ wouldn’t be the same without the efforts of the WBTPA.

- More recent we added a whole set of WBTPA category oriented featured images pages on GooglePlus, fully managed by Marina Versaci and her team.

Fascillitating, hosting and promoting hundreds of member's websites

Another incredible accomplishment of the group that should be mentioned is the creation of their own website
Developed over several years and probably unequaled for a not-for-profit organization, the site has been completely built from volunteered labor. It features over 40,000 images from hundreds of photographers, has been rewarded with over 3.6 million Google+ likes, over a million page views (measured by google statistics) and estimated photo views of between 20 million and 40 million.

From the world wide web to the real world

After having organized a large number of on-line contests and publishing an e-book and an e-magazine we expanded our promotions to the real world.
-Summer/Autumn 2015 we had our first successful physical exhibtion with 44 large format images in Stadsmuseum Harderwijk (NL).
-In June 2016 we published our large format coffee table photo book with over 500 pages containing 812 images from 90 photographers from all over the world.
-In November 2016 we published our first printed magazine.
-During November and December 2016 we had our second successful physical exhibtion with 52 large format images in Stadsmuseum Harderwijk (NL).
-In March 2017 we published our second printed magazine.
-During 2017 we had an event sponsored by our members Terry and Hyon Bixler, whereby members could submit their photos for the "Best Picture Of The Year 2017" award and a prize of 500 Euros.

-Recently at the start of 2018 we founded WBTPA.NET, check out at
-Also we made the move to manage our own dedicated server an added upload functionallity, now photographers can join without the need to be active on GooglePlus.

Always something interesting is going on!

All announcements can be found on our GooglePlus News page as well as on our newly founded WBTPA.NET

What would you prefer to do next?