New! 500 Euro WBTPA Best Picture Of The Year Award 2017

This is an initiative by Terry and Hyon Bixler. Terry and Hyon are very enthusiast by the work done to offer so many opportunities to the members to promote themselves.
Terry and Hyon Bixler have done an unusual amount of effort to support BTP from the first day Terry joined and it is his wish to encourage all members to keep focused on the goal we can achieve together.

Therefore they offer the incredible amount of 500 Euro to the member who will win the WBTPA Best Picture Of The Year Award.

The rules for participation:
1 - You are a financial supporting member having no dues on the balance.
You are responsible yourself for your contributions and you can renew your yearly membership here:

2 - You submit images to your BTP gallery according the instructions given by the editors and web master.
You find these instructions when you scroll down the page here:
and my even easier explained in the video here:

Should we introduce a new system during this term, a new work-flow might apply and will be communicated to you and to followed from that moment on.

The procedure of selection:
A selection from your weekly submissions is featured weekly on the front-page of
This are on average around 30 images per week. Might be even more when the number of submissions also goes up.

From the currently yearly 10.000 submitted images ca 1.500 have been / will be featured for one week on our front page (3.7 million Google plus-ones)
From this 1500 featured images we will select the one most deserving the BTP Best Picture Of The Year Award by the verdict of a jury.

Exclusion from participation:
Terry and Hyon Bixler and Rinus Bakker

The jury:
The jury will consist out of multiple volunteers with a photographical background, both male and female, from various countries also from outside BTP to guarantee an fair process.

The Term:
The images eligible for participation are submitted in between 2016 November 1th and 2017 November 1st

The jury will announce the verdict on our website before the end of 2017
Terry and Hyon Bixler will contact you to discuss the transfer of 500 Euro via your e-mail known to BTP.

The 500 Euro WBTPA Best Picture Of The Year Award 2017 is fully sponsored by:

Terry and Hyon Bixler

We are looking forward to your continued or renewed participation.

Very best wishes and happy shooting.
On behalf of the group
Rinus Bakker
(Volunteering CEO of the World Best Top Photographer Association since 2013)